The International Estuarine & Coastal Specialists Ltd (hereafter as is a consortium of highly experienced scientists specialising in the science and management of estuaries, wetlands, coastal and marine areas. The collective is available to work either as a group or individually depending on the type or project.

The members of the consortium have worked on all types of estuarine and coastal habitats, ecological components and developments. The consortium was founded in August 2019 to build on and use the legacy and former staff of the former Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies which was founded in 1982 and closed down by the University of Hull in 2019. can perform commissions on its own or bring in other collaborators as necessary. As such the consortium is willing and able to manage projects which are broader than our individual specialisations. For example, the collective has many field and desk-based skills but also is able to manage field and laboratory studies through associated quality-assured laboratories and field staff.

Our Services

Estuarine, Coastal and Marine Ecology

providing research and advice on many aspects of estuarine, coastal and marine ecology especially data collation, interpretation and analysis. In particular, it represents many decades of expertise in the effects of human activities on the ecology of these systems.


with several decades of experience in field ornithology and the analysis of the resulting information and data. Its Associates have carried out baselines and monitoring surveys in many areas in the UK and further afield.

Environmental Assessment

considerable expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Cumulative Impact Assessment. providing evidence for Environmental Statements and Public Inquiries into major marine and estuarine developments.

Ecosystem Services, Management & Governance

extensive knowledge and expertise in the governance of coasts, estuaries and marine areas. Also have particular expertise relating to ecosystem services and societal goods and benefits and the way in which these are used in the management of the systems.


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