The consortium has considerable expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Cumulative Impact Assessment. The Director and Associates have provided evidence for Environmental Statements and for Public Inquiries into major marine and estuarine developments. They have also informed Habitat Regulations Assessments and Appropriate Assessments for nature conservation designations. Most recently, the consortium has developed hazard and risk assessment and management frameworks such as the Bow-tie Analysis using ISO Industry-standard software.

The collective has considerable experience in assessing

  • the impacts of human activities on the marine and estuarine environment
  • the impacts of the marine and estuarine environment on human activities
  • and especially providing advice on managing activities in relation to conservation and regulation.

We have worked on:

  • Renewable energy development
  • Pollution control and toxicity assessment, including marine litter, persistent and degradable contaminants, noise and vibration
  • Coastal and estuarine power station development and operation
  • Coastal infrastructure (flood defence, pipelines, coastal construction work)
  • Fishing
  • Offshore and terrestrial windfarms and other marine renewables
  • Flood defence and coastal protection schemes
  • Port and marina developments
  • Oil & gas exploration and gas storage development
  • Ecoengineering and ecohydrology
  • Pipeline and cable routes (subsea, landfall and terrestrial)
  • Aggregate extraction and dredging activities, including dredged material disposal
  • Estuarine eutrophication
  • Marine biodiversity conservation and Marine Protected Areas
  • Managed realignment
  • Marine protected areas
  • Integrated marine management and systems analysis for management

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